Payment by invoice is only possible for Sweden registered companies.


  • How do I place my order?

    Click on the menu bar on the left "assortment" and select the product category. Before you can add a product to your basket, you must choose to which fair, date and to which stand number you want your products to be delivered. Once you have chosen the product you want, choose how many you want and when you want the delivery. Add your product by clicking on the button "shopping cart" and your products will be added to your shopping cart. Before you complete your order, you will see a summary of all your selected products, delivery days and times. If you want to serve stronger drinks several days, you place an order for each day. For those who want to offer a business lunch with strong beer or wine, there is still the opportunity to visit one of the permanent restaurants.

  • How far in advance do I have to place my order?

    In order for us to guarantee delivery at a certain date and time, we need your order no later than five working days in advance. Do not hesitate to contact us later. We do everything we can to help you with last minute orders.

  • Can I pay by invoice instead of credit card?

    We recommend credit card payments. Companies with a Swedish VAT number may apply to be an invoice customer. Apply here (Please note that it may take up to 7 days to process your application) >>

  • Can you deliver before the start of the fair?

    Yes, we recommend that you order equipment that requires installation, ie beer kegs, coffee machines and water coolers, to your booth one day before the fair starts. Beer kegs that require solid installation must be ordered three weeks in advance. Send an e-mail for your order at 

  • Is it possible to place orders on site?

    Yes, orders can be made from a limited menu and we deliver as soon as possible. In order for us to have your desired product in stock, we recommend that you order your webshop 5 days before delivery.

  • Can I visit you on-site?

    Yes, you are welcome to visit our shop next to the exhibition lounge. Here you can order, get help with an existing order and buy products over the counter..

  • Do your machines need power and how do I get it?

    All our coffee machines and beer cakes need power. To get power to your booth, call the event service on 0046-749 44 44.

  • Can I rent crockery, glasses and cutlery from you?

    Yes, we have a limited selection of crockery, glassware and cutlery. Glasses and coffee cups are rented out of the compartment and collected at the end of the days. Any missing or broken devices will be fined.

  • Will you collect any leftovers at the end of the day?

    Most of our goods are disposable and can be thrown in the nearest trash can. Trays and thermos gather at the end of the day.

  • We are holding an evening event at our booth. How do we order catering from you?

    Evening events have special conditions. Contact us at or 00468-727 72 40 and we will tell you more. we cater for food, drinks and staff to suit your needs. Remember to announce your event with event service, call 00468-749 44 44.

  • How do we order meal vouchers?

    Meal vouchers have a value of SEK 135 and can be ordered via e-mail at The lunch vouchers are sold in booklets of 10 pcs. You can also purchase coupons on site in our shop or in our restaurants Flavor Bar, Flavor Kitchen or Parkside. Please show your badge for purchase.

  • Can I expect the drink to be cold?

    Yes, we deliver beverages chilled. 

  • Can I return unopened products after the fair?

    Only unopened packages of alcoholic beverages will be refunded. All other goods are non-refundable. See our terms >>

    As for alcohol service: Mässrestauranger AB is the restaurateur at the Stockholm Fair and holds the endowment license and the rights that include serving & selling alcoholic beverages, spirits, wine and beer. The serving of alcoholic beverages includes all of the fair's restaurants, halls, congressional departments and general areas. In accordance with Swedish alcohol legislation, all alcohol served must also be purchased by the licensee, in this case Mässrestauranger. As an exhibitor, you are not allowed to bring alcohol, beer, wine or spirits to the Stockholm Fair.

    Reference Alcohol Act: Chapter 8 Section 24 Prohibition on storage and consumption and Section 9, Section 12 of the Alcohol Tax Act (1994: 1564).

    Nor is it permitted under the alcohol legislation to distribute unopened bottles or to bring alcohol from the facility. This means that you as an exhibitor or organizer are referred to use Mässrestauranger when you want to offer alcohol while exhibiting at the Stockholm Fair. Alcoholic beverages may be served at the Stockholm Fair from 11am and only to persons over 20 years of age. Alcohol serving should be terminated at the latest when the event / fair closes, unless evening activity is booked with Mässrestauranger and Stockholmsmässan. Stockholmsmässan has the right to seize alcohol found in the exhibition hall that has not been purchased by Mässrestauranger during the time the exhibitor is staying in the exhibition hall. If you want to stay and mingle with your customers after the fair has closed, this must be booked through the security department at the Stockholm Fair in advance and guard costs are added. Contact information: