Payment by invoice is only possible for Sweden registered companies.


We appreciate if we can have your order as early as possible. The enclosed packages will need to be ordered no later than 7 days prior to the event. For equipment we need your order three weeks in advance.  Note that this pricelist only refers to pre-orders. For orders during an event we offer a restricted menu.If you have any further inquiries you are more than welcome to contact us and we will help you with any special orders or guidens. 

All prices are excluding VAT. We reserve the right for any price adjustments and some items might be out of stock.

Ordered stand catering that is cancelled later than 3 days prior to delivery will be charged 50 % of the total price. Equipment needs to be cancelled a minimum of 1 week prior to delivery. Cancellations on the same day will be charged the full price. Equipment that is not returned will be charged a replacement fee. (I.e. thermoses, glasses, utensils, baskets, beer taps etc.) 

Alcoholic beverages that are ordered from our standard assortment can be returned if the package is sealed. Returns are charged a 20% fee of the total price.'

As for alcohol service: Mässrestauranger AB is the restaurateur at the Stockholm Fair and holds the endowment license and the rights that include serving & selling alcoholic beverages, spirits, wine and beer. The serving of alcoholic beverages includes all of the fair's restaurants, halls, congressional departments and general areas. In accordance with Swedish alcohol legislation, all alcohol served must also be purchased by the licensee, in this case Mässrestauranger. As an exhibitor, you are not allowed to bring alcohol, beer, wine or spirits to the Stockholm Fair.

Reference Alcohol Act: Chapter 8 Section 24 Prohibition on storage and consumption and Section 9, Section 12 of the Alcohol Tax Act (1994: 1564).

Nor is it permitted under the alcohol legislation to distribute unopened bottles or to bring alcohol from the facility. This means that you as an exhibitor or organizer are referred to use Mässrestauranger when you want to offer alcohol while exhibiting at the Stockholm Fair. Alcoholic beverages may be served at the Stockholm Fair from 11am and only to persons over 20 years of age. Alcohol serving should be terminated at the latest when the event / fair closes, unless evening activity is booked with Mässrestauranger and Stockholmsmässan. Stockholmsmässan has the right to seize alcohol found in the exhibition hall that has not been purchased by Mässrestauranger during the time the exhibitor is staying in the exhibition hall. If you want to stay and mingle with your customers after the fair has closed, this must be booked through the security department at the Stockholm Fair in advance and guard costs are added. Contact information: